Van trip Europe – which vehicle do we use? Even though the MPV is not very renowned this particular car simply has style. Besides with today’s technology customers have options for customization of the vehicle such as matt-finish wooden trims, or Nappa leather upholstery, and the steering wheel is even taken from the C-Class. Usually with new products manufacturers just upgrade older models, especially when it is famous brands like Mercedes. In this case, however, the manufacturer decided to go against the old-fashioned thinking and instead create something brand new, unique, magnificent, something different. Seats are more comfortable than ever before and the layout is so versatile you won’t be able to believe it. That is one of the main reasons why Mottify Prague Chauffeur service uses this kind of vehicle for long journeys.

Facts and figures

The official price is not known at the moment, however, the expectations are around the region of 50,000 EUR. For the potential buyers, it might seem a little too much, but this competition to the Volkswagen Caravelle has a much more interesting interior. Other “bonuses” this car features as standards are Crosswind Assist and Attention Assist and the extra additions include Lane Keeping Assist, a speed limit reader, and a blind spot warning. The best Van trip Europe by Mottify Prague Chauffeur services use the newest Volkswagen Caravelle or Mercedes V-class vehicles to satisfy all demanding clients.

Van trip Europe

Van trip Europe – Last words

Mercedes decided to completely dispense the V Class from Viano, however, in such case it must be amazingly good otherwise the critics would just consider is as the brands’ money wasting schemes. We can say they managed to pull this in a magnificent way. Stylish, practical, and contemporary business look inside make this car a great vehicle which can serve well in a variety of situations. At the moment the first wheels are a little too big, but we are sure that later on there will be more option available to meet all the customer’s demands and improve the quality of a ride. Van trip Europe

So, if you cannot wait for this car any longer give us a call on +420 602 262 332  or you are very welcome to leave us a message on our contact page.

van trip europe


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