Luxury minivan hire Prague – No matter what kind of interior finish you will choose, and there are plenty of options for you, like different leather types, trims, and stitches, you will always get the elegant business appearance. Once you see the interior you won’t believe how magical it was made. Up front could be mistaken for any other Mercedes’ vehicle. The Avantgarde equipment line of our testing car was plastic, but it did the best job at imitating wooden finish, and the same material was used in the back as well. One more thing about the dashboard, it is horizontally split in two using a gigantic piece of trim. For people who prefer other materials over “fake wood” Mercedes has prepared other options as well. Are you familiar with Ibis hotel? If no let me explain: if you are from the middle class your home might be cozy, but it will definitely be less gifted than an Ibis room. Mercedes is the same way. The more money you have, the more satisfied you will be. And it does not make a difference if you are a passenger or a driver, the feeling you get will be the same. The most luxury drive only with our chauffeur service in Prague.



luxury minivan hire prague

Even though it is a Multivan, it is not primarily a family car for according to the brand, it is something else, with the styling and the way it drives, the atmosphere, everything adds up to this car being the ultimate fan. We admit that the pricing is in the top category, but if you can afford it, this vehicle is a must have, and it is not simply because Mercedes somehow managed to make minivans desirable. The car is stylish, white collar type, business-friendly, and you will simply fall in love with it.


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