Electric car for rent Prague – Benefits and considerations of electric vehicles

When you have decided to buy an electric car you should consider these few points. electric car for rent Prague

Pros of electric vehicles

Petrol or diesel vehicles can be good, however, there are many reasons why you should go for an electric car over those options:

  • Charging stations everywhere – you can literally charge up your vehicle anywhere at the nearest power point, just like your computer.
  • ECO-friendly – electric cars don‘t produce emissions, which are dangerous to nature and cause air pollution.
  • Noise minimalization – much quieter than their diesel or petrol counterparts.
  • New Zealand reached 80% reduction in CO2 emissions – thanks to the electricity being generated from renewable sources (80%), New Zealand was able to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions. Compared to traditional fossil fuels, home-grown energy has much more advantages.
  • Long-term green solution – including the production process (battery and vehicle manufacture, shipping), during their lifetime electrical vehicles, emit 60% fewer nature endangering emissions than petrol cars.
  • Efficient – Petrol or diesel vehicles can use 20% – 30% of their energy for motion. Compared to them, an electric car can convert up to 90%.

Electric car for rent Prague

Since their birth, a lot of studies have confirmed the positive impact of electric vehicles on the environment. Analysis of EECA in 2015 was not different. The report studied the environmental impact of electric vehicles in comparison to petrol and diesel motors (internal combustion engines). Finally, it was confirmed that not only they are much better for the environment, but also excel in everyday use. If you require chauffeur service with an electric car do not hesitate to contact us.



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