Mercedes S-class hire Linz

Mercedes S-class hire Linz by MOTTIFY. The new S-Class reflects on the success of previous models. This extraordinary vehicle has been a chauffeur’s favourite choice for a very long time. The brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class does not, probably, look as classy as the models of a previous generation, but efficiency requirements have pushed Mercedes S class into smoothing its shapes significantly. This means a quieter ride and less fuel to be used. All of our S-classes new are attempting to be the best vehicle for clients that value comfort,Mercedes S-class hire Linz safety, luxury and overall quality of experience in ground transportation.


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Mercedes S-Class chauffeur services from MOTTIFY CHAUFFEURS – driven by the finest professional and executive chauffeurs. The Mercedes S-Class is the top part of adaptability, with enormous space. Mercedes S-Class is the best choice for business travellers, party events, financial roadshows and corporate chauffeur hire. Whatever the occasion, Mercedes S-class is an amazing chauffeur-driven car with the immense potential to excite.


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S-Class Chauffeur Car Interior

Cushy, versatile, convenient and above all.  Along with the quality that is significant in every single Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Both chauffeur and passengers enjoy a lavish, comfortable experience, making any travel an unforgettable experience. There is no single reason to argue that no one does more or better for safety innovation than Mercedes-Benz. Its flagship S-Class is where the majority of that technology makes its debut.
Mercedes S-class hire Linz – we are your partner on the road

We are not a broker but local family owned professional chauffeur service based in Prague and Linz area. If one or two words were to best describe Mottify Chauffeurs, it would be discreet and professional. Why? Because whilst our cars are fully licensed, they are excused from having to display any private hire plates and neither do any of our executives BMW, Mercedes S-class, E-class or Mercedes V-class display any logos of any description, which makes them ultra discreet. Furthermore, clients can relax during their journey in the knowledge that any discussions which may be overheard by our chauffeurs whilst travelling in our vehicles will always remain strictly confidential. We put an effort in chauffeur training and latest vehicles as can be seen from our fleet page.

From time to time, getting to your destination on time is more important than anything else. With our knowledge and expertise at hand, your financial and corporate roadshows would be stress-free. Our skilled chauffeurs know a thing or two about the best journeys and avoiding traffic jams. 

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Limousine service Linz – Comfortable. Reliable. Safely.

Onboard Wi-Fi

Everybody needs to be online practically all the time and with our services, we make it simple. Work, chat or surf on board via free Wi-Fi.

Our other cars offer space up to 7 passengers

The car contains space for 7 adults including 7 large suitcases and 2 small bags.

Water Bottles

Being thirsty is not an option and a free water bottle for all the passengers is a nice gesture.

Child Seats

There is even an option to have a free child and booster seats. Make the request when booking the car.



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