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You all know that feeling after a long flight back to the Czech Republic, either from a vacation at sea or a business trip, when all you want to do is to just take a shower and with a glass of wine in hand watch some Netflix. Or maybe you came to visit a friend in Prague, have a party and now you are heading back home – either way. The Airport Transfers Services we offer are the perfect solution for you. You won’t find any transportation which is cheaper than us and the luxury just speaks for itself. It would be a wasted opportunity not to take our vehicle where you will feel as if you were at home on your own sofa, feet up and sipping from the glass of wine. Besides all that no other company will provide you with such treatment. To give you the distinctively different service altogether, we combine classic Butler/Chauffeur qualities.



We understand that once you have booked your flight on that day you just want to have everything in order and not to stress over such small thing as transport. We want you to just switch off and relax so we will organize everything for you. Once your Prague driver booking is confirmed you don’t have to do anything at all. On the day of your flight our driver will simply come to your door, take care of your luggage, open the doors for you in a style and your pre-ordered snacks, drinks, meals or any other items will be waiting for you there. In all our vehicles, there is an opportunity to slide up the dividing windows and pull up the blinds if you feel like taking a nap or would like to shut off the world. And we even take care of your temperature – if you feel cold there are easy switches to regulate the temperature according to your individual wishes. Finally, to make you even more special – because you deserve it – we escort you to the check-in point with your luggage comfortably loaded on a trolley.

On the other side, when our Prague driver is to take you home, then, again any of your special request you should write to us beforehand so that we can provide you with the best service possible. As almost in every case, here applies – the earlier the better. And don’t worry about what would you do if your flight is delayed. Contact us and we will make sure the driver will wait for you!


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