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Maybach hire Prague – A favourite chauffeur-driven car with a sprinkle of innovation.

Maybach hire PragueMaybach hire Prague – An ultra-luxury vehicle to become the chauffeurs and VIP’s favourite. The Mercedes S Class 600 new shape has to have some pretty amazing features. Technical reasons: with the rich history of technological breakthroughs it is no wonder that the latest generation of Mercedes S-Class vehicles includes equipment such as Road Surface Scan, monitoring the road up to 15 meters ahead. So, if you are being chased by unwanted paparazzi this car will know about it even before you. Moreover, the speed-sensitive air-suspension system with continuously adaptive damping control is designed to make the ride as smooth as possible in no time. Add to it the new Magic Vision Control, the first one to apply water directly onto the wiper blades, and you get a vehicle contributing to the green planet by minimizing the waste. Ma

Maybach Hire Prague


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ybach hire Pragu

Maybach Hire Prague – Luxury Chauffeur Driven Maybach Specification

Even advertisements sound fantastic with the car’s audio entertainment system with 1,540-watt Burmester 3D surround-sound audio system with 24 amplifier channels and 24 specially designed speakers, three of which are directly in the headlining. The back individual seats are a completely different level of comfort: reclining up to 43 degrees, heated armrests, Ottoman-style foot stool and all that with a hot stone massage option it doesn’t even feel like you are in a car!Compared to the outgoing model, Mercedes S-Class has 18% lower emissions, 22% better fuel consumption and 9% more power.

 Mercedes S500 New Shape LWB model costs significantly less than Maybach. However, the price goes up when you add the optional 360-degree parking camera, electric panoramic sunroof and an air-balance package, designed to filter the air coming to the vehicle for even better experience. Nobody was sparing expenses on creating this car.

Exemplary Chauffeur Service – Where Elegance Meets Hospitality.

Are you planning to visit Prague but worried about navigating the city? At our luxury chauffeur service, we take immense pride in delivering not just transportation but a remarkable experience that leaves a lasting impression. Our chauffeurs are the epitome of professionalism, combining refined elegance with unparalleled hospitality. Constantly striving to give only the best, we provide you with the best transportation services. We save you valuable time and help you enjoy the best that your destination has to offer. When you choose our services, you can expect:

1. Impeccable Demeanor: Our chauffeurs are meticulously groomed and dressed in sophisticated attire, reflecting the prestige and class we embody. From the moment they greet you, you’ll notice their poised and courteous demeanor, ensuring you feel like royalty throughout your journey.

2. Personalized Attention: Every passenger is unique, and our chauffeurs understand that. They pay keen attention to your preferences and needs, tailoring the experience to suit your desires. Whether you need peace and quiet to work or engaging conversation, our chauffeurs adapt effortlessly.

3. Discreet and Trustworthy: Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Our chauffeurs are trained to exercise the utmost discretion, respecting your personal space and confidentiality. Feel at ease knowing that your affairs remain private with our team.

4. Local Experts: Navigating the streets of Prague can be challenging, but not for our experienced chauffeurs. They possess an in-depth knowledge of the city, enabling them to take the most efficient routes, ensuring you reach your destination on time, every time.

5. Safety First: Your safety is non-negotiable. Our chauffeurs are not only skilled drivers but also highly trained in defensive driving techniques. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands, and we prioritize safety without compromise.

6. Assistance with Grace: From opening doors to handling luggage, our chauffeurs provide assistance with a touch of elegance. Their seamless and unintrusive support enhances your overall experience, making every moment feel effortless.

7. Punctuality and Reliability: Time is of the essence, and we honor that commitment. Our chauffeurs take punctuality seriously, ensuring you never have to wait. Count on us to be there when and where you need us, without any delays.

8. Beyond the Wheel: Our chauffeurs are more than just drivers; they are ambassadors of our brand. They strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, leaving a positive impression that extends beyond the journey’s end.

9. Multilingual Proficiency: To cater to our international clientele, our chauffeurs are well-versed in multiple languages, facilitating clear communication and a seamless experience, regardless of your origin.

10. Lasting Memories: Our chauffeurs are dedicated to crafting an unforgettable experience for you. Be it a special celebration, a business event, or a leisurely outing, they go the extra mile to make every moment special and cherished.

At our luxury chauffeur service, we believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. Allow us to redefine your perception of luxury transportation with our exceptional chauffeur service and experience the true meaning of world-class hospitality.

Maybach Hire Prague

New Maybach Chauffeur Driven Hire

Technicalities matter, however, nothing can live up to the life experience. Entering this car is like entering a whole new world. Transfers between business meetings can be stressful, especially when you have to think about your next strategies. The vehicle offers you an amazing environment to help you relax and get rid of stress, arriving at meeting energized and ready to own it. The monotony is no longer an option. It is too easy to forget that you are just in a car when you feel like being in a spa and your body is so relaxed. The impression you will leave with this car will last long, so look no further, the vehicle is perfect for any events.

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Maybach S600 and Maybach GLS 600 hire Prague – Comfortable. Reliable. Safely.

Onboard Wi-Fi

Everybody needs to be online practically all the time and with our services, we make it simple. Work, chat or surf on board via free Wi-Fi.

Our cars offer space up to 7 passengers

The car contains space for 7 adults including 7 large suitcases and 2 small bags.

Water Bottles

Being thirsty is not an option and a free water bottle for all the passengers is a nice gesture.

Child Seats

There is even an option to have a free child and booster seats. Make the request before booking the car.



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