Maybach hire Prague – A favourite chauffeur-driven car with a sprinkle of innovation.

Maybach hire Prague – An ultra-luxury vehicle to become the chauffeurs and VIP’s favourite. The Mercedes S Class 600 new shape has to have some pretty amazing features. Technical reasons: with the rich history of technological breakthroughs it is no wonder that the latest generation of Mercedes S-Class vehicles includes equipment such as Road Surface Scan, monitoring the road up to 15 meters ahead. So, if you are being chased by unwanted paparazzi this car will know about it even before you. Moreover, the speed-sensitive air-suspension system with continuously adaptive damping control is designed to make the ride as smooth as possible in no time. Add to it the new Magic Vision Control, the first one to apply water directly onto the wiper blades, and you get a vehicle contributing to the green planet by minimizing the waste. Maybach hire Prague

Luxury Chauffeur Driven Maybach Specification

Even advertisements sound fantastic with the car’s audio entertainment system with 1,540-watt Burmester 3D surround-sound audio system with 24 amplifier channels and 24 specially designed speakers, three of which are directly in the headlining. The back individual seats are a completely different level of comfort: reclining up to 43 degrees, heated armrests, Ottoman-style foot stool and all that with a hot stone massage option it doesn’t even feel like you are in a car!Compared to the outgoing model, Mercedes S-Class has 18% lower emissions, 22% better fuel consumption and 9% more power. Mercedes S350 New Shape LWB model costs significantly less than Maybach. However, the price goes up when you add the optional 360-degree parking camera, electric panoramic sunroof and an air-balance package, designed to filter the air coming to the vehicle for even better experience. Nobody was sparing expenses on creating this car.

New Maybach Chauffeur Driven Hire

Technicalities matter, however, nothing can live up to the life experience. Entering this car is like entering a whole new world. Transfers between business meetings can be stressful, especially when you have to think about your next strategies. The vehicle offers you an amazing environment to help you relax and get rid of stress, arriving at meeting energized and ready to own it. The monotony is no longer an option. It is too easy to forget that you are just in a car when you feel like being in a spa and your body is so relaxed. The impression you will leave with this car will last long, so look no further, the vehicle is perfect for any events.

So, there is only one question left. What are you waiting for?


maybach hire prague

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