Incentive travel Prague – Executive and business leaders in the modern society are simply bound to travel a lot. And with their numbers, they have a significant impact on today’s global economy. It is so much, that the report from GBTA predicts the global business travel spend to advance 5.8 percent on average over the next five years reaching $1.6 trillion in 2020.

When we look at the numbers, itis crucial that these people become very satisfied with their business travels. Common sense is to keep the level of satisfaction top notch because business travelers are pretty upbeat about work trips.

Incentive travel Prague – Make Your Business Trip Effective and Enjoyable!

Here are some tips for you to turn your executive travel into an effective, productive, and enjoyable experience.

  1. Make Sure the Executives are Ready

If someone is not ready for the trip don’t even start planning it. The Executives are the most crucial part, before going on any travel prepare them for it:

  • Make sure everybody has the same important things in their luggage. Make a list if needed.

  • Weather forecast for the destination is a good way to help them pack the right clothes.

  • Extra phone or laptop chargers, as well as portable batteries, will always come in handy.

  • If you agree to pack light, you might lower the costs of the travel and even shorten the time spent in the waiting line in the baggage claim area.

  • Always update your executioners about any changes in flights or travel plans. If the flight gets canceled book a new one right away.

  • A wondering around at the airport hours before your flight can be exhausting and boring. Make sure that everyone has a map of the airport with marked areas such as executive lounge, restaurants, smoking areas, etc.incentive Travel Prague

  1. Always Choose Business/First Class

We know that in business your first priority is to always stay on the budget. Sometimes, however, you need to prioritize comfort over money, mainly when it comes to long flights. This will help the overall atmosphere and most probably earn you more money in the end. And do not forget to book your reliable chauffeur service.


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