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Chauffeur service to Cesky Krumlov by MOTTIFY PRAGUE CHAUFFEURS. If you want to visit an unusual city somewhere in the middle of Europe and you chose the Czech Republic, you most probably think of Prague. And we totally understand that. Prague is an extraordinary city with a lot to see. However, Czech Republic hides many other picturesque places and one of them is Cesky Krumlov. This UNESCO World Heritage site since 1992 is hidden in the beautiful Bohemian nature and is full of elegant Renaissance building, housing quaint cafes, outstanding restaurants and various shops.

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chauffeur service to cesky krumlov


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Step into a fairytale in the Old Town of Cesky Krumlov

The whole city is built in Renaissance style, which in addition to the great scenery, gives the town a romantic spirit. There is really a lot to see besides the 300 medieval buildings and a breathtaking view over the Vltava river, where you can see very impressive Egon Schiele Art Centre. During WWII, Cesky Krumlov was home to a German-speaking majority and that inspired modern artists to create graffiti of crowds saluting Hitler. The art can be seen at Hotel Ruze a former Jesuit College also made in Renaissance style. Other great sites include Saint Vitus Church, the town hall at the square, Plague column and fountain, Latran Street, famous for its historical buildings, and finally the second biggest castle in Bohemia – Cesky Krumlov Castle. Once you are there don’t forget to take a look at the bears living in the Castle’s moat.

Lunch with breathtaking panorama at Vltava river

If you book the tour in summer, during lunchtime you can enjoy an outstanding view of Vltava river, while enjoying food at the traditional Czech restaurant. On the other hand, during winter we eat at one of the cozy restaurants with fireplace. A great recommendation would be to try the local Eggenberg beer.

Krumlov Castle

And finally, we talk about the top attraction in Cesky Krumlov, yearly visited by tourists from all over the world. The castle consists of 5 courtyards and gardens which have 11ha and in 1302 it became the primary residence of the Rosenbergs. They kept it for the following 300 years and the family members were the ones who had the most influence upon the castle’s and town’s development. The most interesting artefacts found in the castle is a golden carriage made from walnut in 1638, used mainly by Emperor Ferdinand III von Habsburg and Pope Urban VIII to exchange gifts. Another unique feature is the Baroque theatre one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. Considering it was built in 1680-1682 it is in remarkable shape and even with the original props, scenery, costumes, and stage machinery. Chauffeur service to Cesky Krumlov

The Krumlov Castle is now open on Mondays as well (March-October) and in the winter (except on Mondays and Dec 22nd – Jan 1st)

The castle is made up of two main parts: The Upper and Lower Castle. Chauffeur service to Cesky Krumlov 

Upper Castle: daily from April to October, except Mondays, during winter it is closed

Lower Castle and towers: daily from April to October, during winter it is closed on Mondays. 

The castle interiors are completely closed on Mondays in winter (November-March) and during the holiday season from December 22 until January 1. If you really wish to visit the place at that time you can still admire all the exteriors of the castle and the city. And as a compensation for the lost opportunity, we will take you to another UNESCO site: historical Holasovice village. The beer lovers will be excited by a stop at Ceske Budejovice where they can savour the original Budweiser beer or wine mulled from the Christmas markets. As you can see you don’t need to worry that you will experience less during the holidays season.

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