Car hire from Prague to Vienna

Car hire from Prague to Vienna

Car hire from Prague to Vienna? Mercedes-Benz is one of the car companies which always seek to reach higher, make better and newer design, at all times be stylish and luxurious, and perform at the top of the abilities. Besides that, the brand can provide very high standards of safety and efficiency. According to Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management at Daimler AG, the new V-Class extends the boundaries of Mercedes-Benz into next level. Car hire from Prague to Vienna


The New Mercedes Viano – Luxurious V-Class Chauffeur Driven Cars in Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Cesky Krumlov and Terezin

Mercedes is rightly proud of this vehicle with a top-notch functionality and performance, and as a cherry on top, the style, luxury and appearance are definitely not stalling behind. What is now a standard of this car, which can comfortably seat eight adults, was previously something only few could offer in such great style.

Prague to Vienna in the most comfortable way – V-class Chauffeur Car Features

New V-class is the generation of cars featuring advanced qualities, which other vehicles in this category don’t have. One of them is Crosswind Assist helping drivers to withstand the strong crosswinds‘ effects on large vehicles such as Viano. And having in mind the difficulties of the long trips, the new car comes with Attention Assist, which is designed specifically to help the driver maintain focus on the road. This car is simply the whole other level.

Business or Leisure – Viano and V-class is perfect for both

This car is in the care for passengers incomparable. With several possibilities of seat arrangements and a lot of interior space, the car can be virtually set up to fulfil the need of both the passengers and the driver. If you prefer privacy the individual seating is perfect and on the other hand, if you need to transport more people, there is an option of bench seating available.

So, do you have a need for a transport of 5 or more people? The Viano is the best Chauffeur driven car on the market to live up to your expectations. Book your trip now!

car hire from prague to vienna


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